How many channels do you use for your orientation? Do you always buy in a physical shop? Or also on your mobile phone, website or using apps? Do you expect to be presented with your shopping cart on your mobile after you abandoned it on your desktop previously? Do you find it acceptable that after donating to a charity they continue to ask you for money on every channel you visit?

We have been able to take a major step towards omni-channel with Invenna because we can very specifically define the right follow up through the most appropriate channel for each customer based on our customers moves and behaviour. New customers are not shown generic content on Facebook but a customised proposition based on what they have already bought from us. That does not only save significant advertising budget but also ensures we are more relevant to customers.

Anno 2017 we have become accustomed and actually demand from our shop or supplier that we are not confronted with information we already have regardless off the channel we use. As supplier of a product or service and as a social or public organisation you are increasingly faced with the need to connect all channels in order to use your customer or supporter preferred communication channel and to ensure that the dialogue is disconnected from the channel.

It is your challenge to offer your customer one uniform communication experience rather than separate channel experiences. One uniform experience, one price, one delivery time, one company impression.

Actively stimulating channel combinations, using each channel specific benefits, will provide your brand with that competitive edge you now so require. Channels that complement each other instead of being barriers to each other.
Invicta ensures a solid base by connecting all online and offline knowledge and learnings and use this for all future communication. Although the smartphone often connects all channels this is not the same for all customers. A unique single customer view and a channel, screen and time independent proposition is the true key to success.

By connecting all channels using API connections and web services it is possible to directly integrate information into the single customer view. From this 360° customer view triggers will lead to a unique customer experience and seamlessly combine relevance with timing.

The direct effect is that your conversion will increase just as loyalty and customer satisfaction. And in case your customer is looking to leave you will be the first to know. You can use this information directly to retain your customer. This is important because recruiting new customer is not only more difficult but also more expensive than retaining existing customers longer.

Invicta is an expert in the optimum use of all channels. Regardless if these are traditional physical channels, offline channels such as direct mail and phone or online channels as Facebook, apps or (personalised) webpages. Invenna’s Customer Data Platform eliminates silos and enables you to offer your customer an omni-channel experience that exactly matches his or her needs and expectations.