How do you predict Lifetime Value, segment your customers, increase engagement and map potential sales events on a daily basis? How do you nurture leads, welcome new customers, make next best offers and persuade customers who might leave to stay? Do you have a good view on those customers who have a high(er) risk of stopping buying from you? And can you see in an instant which customers are ready for an additional purchase?

We are now able to really boost our cross-sell results using the insights we can create with Invenna by creating and combining new variables. We much better understand now which offer at which time best fits our customer’s needs. In addition to this we can predict and prevent churn more than ever before.

Invicta has all the tools you need for this available and made them easy to use. From self-learning algorithms, Venn diagrams and Cubes up to predictive machine learning models in R. And the best thing is that even as a non-analyst you will be capable to derive useful and applicable insights intuitively without the need for statistical or programming skills. Insights that deliver that Oh-wow effect and provides you with the tools to define new marketing events and use them to your advantage.

For us Insights are used for one key objective. Which is not to create beautiful infographics of a customer base. Although this is possible our main objective is to apply insights in customer journeys. For example, to re-appeal to customers that might leave and reconnect with them.

At the same time, often using Invenna’s Customer Data Platform, we ensure that all knowledge that is secured can directly be used in journeys and campaigns that are already live. This means that conversions increase immediately and churn decreases.

And we certainly apply A/B tests in journeys and apply geo-mapping or based on real-time customer behaviour we launch a next best action.

By applying our Artificial Intelligence and integrating Machine Learning you and your colleagues can focus on creativity, content and quality. Because decisions are taken automatically and your customers will step into the right journey. Your new challenge is to match your content to your customers’ requirements.

To put it differently we will help you view this abstract painting from the right distance so that you can see the entire picture. From this point onward, you can zoom back in and use every aspect in your regular campaigns.

Our company logo, the unicorn originates from this and is a symbol for finding hidden insights. The unicorn is a mythical creature that was capable to observe from a different level, for example to find water that other animals (or people) could not. We have translated this ability liberally to finding values, connections, causes and consequences in your data. That is our DNA.

Invenna, our Customer Data Platform’s name is a combination of Invicta and Venn thus delivering the best combination of insights, action and automation!