How do you organise the terabytes of data you collect through your websites and customer contacts daily? How do you filter this information in a such way you can hold on to the essence and can use it for relevant communication? How do you transform all this information into powerful and applicable insights? And how do you take this digital knowledge to an individual customer level? Or aggregate it back to clusters of personas? What can you do to successfully transform data?

Invicta ensured that by using Invenna we can put tags at the right positions on our websites and assign our website visit behaviour to individual customers in such a way that we are more relevant and connect to actual needs. Furthermore, we can include online behaviour in all our customer data analysis.

When Digital is on the marketing agenda most of the time it is related to online marketing or the benefit of a DMP. At Invicta we take these subjects seriously but do not forget the history that has already been built. And most of the time the link between online and offline information is the missing piece of the 360° puzzle.

Collaboration between departments and closing the traditional gap between data, digital and analysis is where our strength lies.

Invicta ensures a seamless connection between the online world and the offline (customer) history. Digital transformation at its best. This approach delivers synergy between departments, enriches the customer profile to a full-fledge single customer view and sets the scene for content and creativity.

Invicta focusses on your customer and the journey he or she makes through your organisation. When you truly put your customer at the heart of your organisation we trust that you will see which relationships and connections are important. We can focus on those together.

We do not write tedious strategies on how to approach this but actually address it. Tangible results, higher customer satisfaction, higher retention and improved up- and cross sell results are some of the key objectives we will work on together with you.