Converting your customer data into actionable audiences is our objective. Customers more and more expect personal communication and dialogue regardless of the moment, channel or device. Customers expect that you pick up on the last interaction you had in his or her customer journey. A platform that continuously brings all data together, regardless of sources is paramount. In addition, changes in legislation require a reliable and current solution for the management and usage of customer data.

A unified single customer view is crucial to be able to truly establish a dialogue with the consumer and keep on top of everything. This means that there has to be one central place in the organisation where all interactions with all consumers are consolidated into a unique and actionable 360 customer view.

Invenna provides in one platform:

  • A practical ETL module to consolidate all online and offline sources easily
  • A unique 360° customer view
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Segmentation and predictive modelling
  • Automated omni-channel customer journeys

All you need to be relevant for your customer!

Invenna connects standard integrations and out-of-the-box connectors with all relevant data sources and sources which for example include Salesforce, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pega, Ophen, Tableau, QlikView and many others.

Connecting on- and offline sources
Our expertise is to connect all relevant sources for this 360° using technology that enriches the ICT landscape rather than to disturb it. Invicta connects any required channel, from CRM to Facebook and looks after an optimum balance between our expertise and your experience for us to achieve even better results together.

Results in finding new customers, connecting new customers and appeal to them. Optimisation of relevance and minimisation of waste. Facilitating in a cross channel cross dialogue between you and your customers. On top of this we do this quickly without stretching or influencing your existing ICT landscape.

Relevant communication
Besides, establishing a solid base for relevant communication the unique customer view moreover is a ‘need to have’ to be able to satisfy Dutch and European legislation. Invicta’s Customer Data Platform helps you to be compliant now and in the future.

Invenna organisation wide

Invenna has been developed top make your live easier, check here how Invenna can boost your daily job.

Invenna for Marketers
Because Invenna will build a unique 360° customer view from all online and offline sources Always have all your customer data available. With Insights you can analyse and build models that can be used in customer journeys immediately. Invenna Engage will automate your campaigns for every required channel. You can add tags to websites for triggering emails, instruct Facebook for recurring customer campaigns or provide your call centre with leads in a scheduled and automated way.

This means that you are capable to direct your success from start to finish and that you are no longer dependant on systems, people or expert knowledge. And each and every scheduled campaign you implement will always be active. Simply start with the first campaign, add a few and scale up to dozens or even hundreds of campaigns at any frequency you need. You are in charge and Invenna will do the work.

Invenna for Data Scientists & Analysts
Besides powerful and intuitive functionalities to get insights without the need for expertise Invenna is also equipped with R. You can develop a large variety of analysis and predictive models and implement them without the need to switch between applications. It also means you are empowered with Machine Learning technology right where it all happens. Because you don’t need to switch applications, also your data does not need to find its way through your organisation and you have all the data and tools available in one place.

Invenna for IT
Invenna Engineer unlocks and connects all necessary online and offline data sources. You can easily do this yourself or outsource to Invicta. Connecting and disconnecting sources can be done in a fraction of the time it usually takes. In addition, you are always in charge. Implementing Invenna has minimal impact on the existing IT landscape and requires little IT resources. Using Invenna technology for connections and automated processing of data results in less time spent in day-to-day operations such as record counts and extracts for marketers and analysts.

Invenna for Customer Service
Invenna is the traffic controller for all interactions with your customers. You always have the most recent information on every customer due to an easy to maintain modern interface with your CRM system or front desk application. You can access information on for example the most recent campaigns or questions from your customers.  By managing information in Invenna and have other applications request information on demand it is also easy to really minimise data registration in operational systems and only register essential (transactional) information. That makes a difference!

Invenna for Risk & Compliance
Invenna has been developed to make a unique single customer view available in an organisation. The GDPR (AVG in the Dutch) imposes a number of obligations you have towards your customers among which your ability to show the information you have registered. Due to the fact that Invenna’s 360° can supply all the information involved for this together with an interface with your website you can quickly get much closer to compliancy!

Invenna for Management & Board
Primarily Invenna is a solution to become more relevant to your customers.  However, Invenna is also equipped with extensive reporting functionality, integrated in Invenna and through connections with applications as QlikView, Tableau and PowerBI. This provides you with the required capability to report on new recruits, churn, NPS, campaign conversion and many more important KPI’s. On top of this Invenna Insights enables you to put a face to your customer’s name. This is especially useful when you plan to use Personas and truly put your customer at the centre of your organisation.


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