How do you ensure that your customer receives a tailor-made message at exactly the right time? How do you make sure that the entire customer journey, or at least most of it, runs completely by itself, from welcome campaigns to retention contacts. And are relevant all the time? How do you achieve more with the same team?

Invicta ensures that with Invenna every single new customer receives a warm and personal welcome all the time. After this initial welcome each of our customers follows an individual journey through our organisation. Some customer receive product recommendations, other customers are inspired by stories from other customers. The type of journey for each customer is defined by Invenna’s Insights module. Naturally the customer influences the journey by the way they react and behave and thus can be transferred to other roads in the journey.

Automation is the ultimate way to meet the ever increasing demand for relevance. Customers do not accept a generic offer anymore, they expect to receive relevant propositions at the right time. Each customer has an individual preferred moment and channel and more and more channels are introduced. The number of channel, proposition and timing combinations are almost endless therefore it is crucial as organisation to be able to automatically pick the best and most relevant one. If you are able to do this only then you can be relevant and increase customer engagement and conversion.

Invenna enables you, through an intuitive drag & drop application, to design journeys that are triggered by your customer’s behaviour. Once designed and scheduled you don’t need to revisit the campaign, it will always be on. A welcome campaign for new customers for example or a welcome back to our website campaign for existing customers.

You can apply campaign flows to any channel at any time and it is easy, using A/B tests, to determine which customer journey ultimately leads to the highest NPS score or highest repeat purchases.