Employ data in automated Customer Journeys

All customer data from every source always up-to-date and in a single location. This unique single customer view enables automated Omni channel, Omni device campaigns at any time. Connect to all fundamental marketing applications with easy to use APIs and web services. Invenna is a cutting-edge Customer Data Platform that ensures that each customer receives the right message through the right channel at the right time. Let the channels do the work in establishing relationships with your customers. Invenna connects through email marketing, mobile marketing, personalised web pages, direct mail, SMS, Facebook, telemarketing and even directly. Execute a multitude (hundreds or thousands) of different campaigns continuously at any frequency or interval, using all channels to specific individual customers or customer segments, fully automated, always on and without human involvement after set-up.

Visualise journeys and include your colleagues in the road a customer follows through your organisation. Marketing, Sales, Service, IT and Finance can respond to current customer interests and deliver content for your customers. That is what we call a 1:1 relationship. That is Digital Transformation at its best. Check out our solutions and case studies or contact us for your first next step to success!

Optimisation through testing and learning

Apply analytical intelligence to learn from your customers and respond to their preferences to achieve even better results. Unlock Big Data and transform unstructured data into actionable insights. Use R to develop predictive models and apply Artificial Intelligence in your customer journeys immediately. Generate Next Best Offers or build a churn prevention program. Help abandoned baskets to still find their way to the check-out and create instant value. Use Invenna Insights to present personalised content, select top scoring target segments directly from a Venn Diagram and enhance customer experience and conversion.

Understand where and when social, mobile, online and offline come together for your customer. Choose the channels that will deliver the unique customer experience you had in mind and at any time adjust to customer demands. Use real time triggers as a start for customer journeys, integrate Facebook campaigns into the journey and switch between online and offline to present your customer a perfectly seamless shopping experience.

Report and monitor the results of your campaigns in a powerful dashboard environment 24/7, steer them in the right direction and celebrate when you achieve your targets. Take a look at our solutions and case studies, get inspired and start today with what tomorrow can bring.
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