The first introduction to your customer, your shop window, your forecourt, your transactions and communication; more and more of these interactions start of take place online. A visit to the dealer or importer is more frequently one of the last steps in today’s buying process. Your customers expect a “seamless shopping experience”.  A smooth transition from that initial online introduction to the meeting with the salesperson at the dealership. By knowing your customer better you are capable to communicate more relevant messages. When is their current car ready to be exchanged? When does a hire or lease contract end? Is there a new addition to the family or is their current car just too small?

MarTech in Automotive
Invenna offers a unique 360 degrees customer view across all channels. We do not distinguish between online and offline. We include historical data, use current and realtime data and can even look into the future with predictive modelling. By applying Machine Learning in customer journeys we can select your best next actions and help you build you relationship with your customers, increase your value to your customer and their value to you and decrease churn.

Brand loyalty is not all about driving experience but also defined by the way you are capable of maintaining the relationship with your drivers! Successful data driven importers and dealers create a unique 360 degrees customer view across all channels, car brands and data sources. They connect online and offline and establish a unique customer journey for every individual customer.

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  • Are all data sources consolidated in one central place?
  • Is there a unique and more importantly an accessible customer view?
  • Are you capable of complying with GDPR regulations?
  • Are you able to make a substantiated Best Next Offer?
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