Michiel de Bakker

Michiel de Bakker

Director, Retention & Customer Value - Robeco Retail

We have been working together with Invicta for many years and are a user of Invenna. Since April 2013 we are also using Invenna’s Engage campaign management solution. With Engage we have added a flexible and high-speed system to our marketing infrastructure. We are now capable of automating recurring and complicated campaigns and provide our customers with a more personal approach and service. And that is all that matters.


Robeco is an international asset manager with over 85 years’ experience in fund investments. Customers range from private people and companies to institutional investors such as pension funds.

Robeco’s investors are active in Rotterdam, Chicago, Paris, Zurich, Boston, New York, Mumbai and Hong Kong. This global knowledge and experience is made available for all customers, large and small. As investment specialist Robeco puts all effort in looking after its customers assets as well as possible. Off course Robeco strives for optimum return on investment but not at all cost. Controlling risks is just as important for Robeco. Robeco beliefs in a responsible investment approach.


Robeco has introduced a new marketing strategy with 3 key obectives.

  1. Excellent personal service without the need of a personal advisor
  2. 100% online banking with the support of chat, email and telephone
  3. Cost reduction through efficient marketing; process automation with modern tools and less staff


Robeco had a complicated IT infrastructure that could not properly support this new working method. Modernisation and simplification of the infrastructure was required. A unique 360° customer view was necessary for the transition to a 100% online strategy with a personal customer approach. A central marketing data warehouse that holds all relevant customer information and could be used for customer contact was essential.


Robeco migrated to a new backend system that delivered the required simplification and cost reduction from an operational perspective. The marketing data warehouse was achieved with the implementation of Invenna. Robeco also launched a completely new self-service website for the customers to facilitate the 100% online objective.

Invenna connects with the email, telemarketing and website tools and systems. All relevant customer source data is picked up fully automatically, transformed if required and made available in a newly created marketing data warehouse. Within the marketing data warehouse the 360° customer view has been created that can be used by marketers in Invenna directly for analysis, scheduled campaigns, reports and dashboards.

The Invenna effect

  • 360° customer view: all relevant and available online and offline data combined in a unique single customer view
  • Omnichannel: all customer touchpoint channels (bannering, call centre, email, print, CRM) are connected to be used for Marketing Automation
  • Automation: Development of fully automated and personalised campaigns. Campaigns are event driven and optimise customer dialogue
  • Robeco went from 4 annual campaigns to over 200 campaigns a week
    An explosive customer growth has been achieved
  • Reporting: Invenna interfaces with interactive dashboard creating a single version of the truth

All required objectives have been completed. Besides a number of additional and very valuable benefits have been achieved.

  • Risk control: Once scheduled Invenna will continue to execute the campaigns, not just for existing customers but also for new recruits. Robeco knows for certain that key processes continue independently and without the need for human intervention.
  • Invenna Insights delivers new learnings that add more value to campaigns. Robeco is provided with a solution that supports the introduction of new ways to make customer happier and establish longer lasting relationships.