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Arnoud Markus

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Dutch Cancer Society

In 1949 Queen Wilhelmina received over 2 million guilders (about 1 million euros) from the Dutch People for her Golden Jubilee. This money was used to found the Queen Wilhelmina Fund for Combatting cancer in the Netherlands.

On 1st June 2007 the Association and the Foundation were merged to 1 Foundation: KWF Kankerbestrijding (Dutch Cancer Society). This Foundation is managed by a Supervisory Board and a Director.

The Crab is a symbol for cancer worldwide. Therefore, many organisations who fight cancer use the crab in their logo. Dutch Cancer Society puts a sable through the crab as a symbol of fighting cancer.


Dutch Cancer Society wants to communicate with her supporters in a personal and relevant way, omni-channel and automated so they can do more with less budget.


With almost 1 million donors and about 140 million Euro’s incoming funds it is Dutch Cancer Society ambition to continuously optimise her spending. One of the ways to do that is to communicate efficiently, personally, targeted and as relevant as possible with her donors.

To be able to provide relevant content omni-channel and automated in a fast changing environment a system needs to be implemented that facilitates this and can also be used by analysts and marketers in a user friendly way so that the threshold to further professionalise is as low as possible.

Invenna helps realise the ‘From Gift to Relation’ strategy in which personal attention and communication, relevance and knowledge about the donor are key.


Dutch Cancer Society uses Invenna to establish a unique 360° customer view as a source for further analysis. Based on insights and analysis omni-channel campaigns are developed for communication between Dutch Cancer Society and her supporters.

The Invenna effect

  • Data driven organisation: Invenna is at the centre of the fundraising organisation.
  • 360° customer view: All (relevant) available online and offline sources are connected and the 360° customer view is managed and maintained.
  • Omni-channel: All available channels are connected and available through Marketing Automation.