Onno van der Poel

Onno van der Poel

Unit Manager Commercial Intelligence VIVAT

We want to establish a data driven interaction between “the business” and the marketing intelligence analysts. When more disciplines, such as product marketers, have access to the marketing database, it brings inspiration and with it a dialogue with the marketing analysts, a true interaction between push and pull. VIVAT beliefs in the future of a data driven business model and actually delivers on this. One of the drivers is to introduce more people than usual to the customer using data insights


VIVAT consist of 5 insurance brands and one asset manager: Zwitserleven, Zelf, Route Mobiel, Reaal, Dier & Zorg and ACTIAM. VIVAT offers her customers smart and original solutions that are uncomplicated and appropriate. For this VIVAT uses innovative technology and excels in efficient operational management. VIVAT nurtures an agile and decisive culture that allows employees to grow and improve service to customer on a continuous basis. VIVAT is the trendsetting financial services company that helps her customers realise their dreams and protect their valuables each and every single day.


The implementation of a OneVivat, label transcending single customer view available to a large number of employees for insights and as a base for a personal and relevant customer contact strategy both on Vivat as well as individual brand level.


Joining all customer and customer related data from multiple back offices, data warehouses, online environments and specific application into a unique 360° customer view within a rapid changing organisation.


Vivat used Invenna to create and maintain a unique 360 customer view for all brand labels combined. Invenna thus is called One-Invenna referring to the customer view. Vivat has gradually increased the number of users to allow all marketers, analysts and relevant ICT staff to work with Invenna and benefit as much as possible from all opportunities Invenna provides.

From ETL processes and unlocking (Big) data sources and analysing to the scheduling of automated campaign processes. Currently over 50 employees have access to Invenna. Some of them use Invenna Insights for inspiration, looking for similarities and differences between customers of the different labels, some perform advanced analysis to develop upsell, cross sell and retention propositions. A select group of users also has campaign execution rights and are able to introduce and launch campaigns with Invenna Engage.

The Invenna effect

  • 360° customer view: All relevant and available online and offline data are unlocked and combined. Based on this combined data of the individual Vivat labels a 360° label transcending customer view has been established and is maintained.
  • Omni-channel: All available customer contact channels (bannering, call centre, email, CRM) are connected and available for Marketing Automation.
  • Reporting: Invenna interfaces with Interactive Tableau dashboards delivering a single version of the truth in such a way that VIVAT from thr right perspective can make the right choices and benefit from the insights the different labels bring to the table together.
  • Simplification of the landscape and decreased time to market; because more activities can be done with Invenna straightaway and there is less demand on the I(C)T department Vivat can act quicker and more effectively.
  • Connections and web services with other applications to deliver insights on demand realtime.