Euromaster is a European service and sales network for tyres and car maintenance. Euromaster started in the Netherlands in 1991 and is a 100% subsidiary of the Michelin Group.

In a world that is in motion continuously, Euromaster serves her customers with passion and guarantees a safe, efficient and continuous mobility. At any point in time, wherever they are and what they do, Euromaster offers the right tyres and the best maintenance possible for the right price. Sincere, skilled and helpful. By making these 3 core values transparent in everything Euromaster does lies its strength. That is why Euromaster customers are in safe hands.

Euromaster serves both business and private customers from 2.300 branches in 17 countries. In the Netherlands Euromaster has a national network with about 100 locations and 10 franchise outlets. The objective is to expand the franchise locations to about 50 in the next few years.


Euromaster wants to improve her relationship with visitors and use personal and relevant communication to encourage them to use Euromaster services more frequently by introducing the wide range of services (maintenance, tyres, MOT, oil, car wash). Euromaster is in competition with all sorts of branded and independent garages and with specialised companies like Profile Tyre Center and Kwik-Fit.


Euromaster does not have the marketing and analytical resources to build campaigns in Invenna, select customers and organise the execution in Invenna themselves. Euromaster does have the ambition to communicate on an individual level with her customers, to be relevant and ensure that customers come back after their first experience with Euromaster.


Euromaster uses Invenna “in service”. Invicta builds, maintains and executes campaigns for for example maintenance, MOT and tyre changes.

Every other week 6 new campaigns are launched with a variety of offers related to each individual customer situation. This could be the upcoming annual MOT or a predicted maintenance of tyre change or renewal. The offer and proposition depends on the customer situation and the relationship Euromaster has with the customer.

Dedicated resources at Invicta guarantee a seamless cooperation and factual knowlegde and experiences about Euromasters business, customer contact processes. This ensures efficient communication.

Benefits Marketing Services

  • Euromaster provides relevant communication to her customers without the need to hire own resources for this. The additional advantage is that Euromaster can use Invicta’s experience in developing successful campaigns.
  • Euromaster can compete with companies that have their own campaign marketers and analysts.
  • 360° customer view: All available customer data are joined and the 360 customer view is maintained.
  • Insights: Through Invenna Insights and Invicta’s expertise Euromaster can access analysis at different levels that would not be possible with the available resources at Euromaster.
  • The possibility to create internal resources always exists. Invicta can ensure a smooth transition of knowledge and work to facilitate the gradual transfer of activities to Euromaster.
  • All regular customer campaigns are scheduled and always on.