This era of digital transformation demands specialist knowledge and experience in unlocking (Big) data sources, artificial intelligence usage, implementation of successful customer journeys, merging online and offline channels and the development of a successful omni-channel strategy and platform.

We help you answer questions such as which customer should be approached with what offer at which time so that we can increase value to the customer efficiently or retain the customer for longer. We provide actual tools to realise this. Tools for IT, Marketing, Data Science, Sales and Communication. Departments need to strengthen each other with your customer as the focus point.

Invicta is your experienced partner to achieve results with data driven marketing within Digital Transformation. Proven. Pragmatic. Accessible. Successful.

Invicta has been active in (Big) Data & Insights for over a decade. We work from a fabulous location at the river IJ in Amsterdam for market leading clients in different sectors that include Finance, Charity, Retail and Media.

We enjoy sharing our experience because we are proud of what we establish for our customers every single day. But we prefer to talk about you, your organisation, your ambitions and work together to make sure your work will be more enjoyable and more successful now and in the future. For you and for your customers.

Invicta is sparring partner for all organisations that want to establish more value from their (customer) data.

Managementteam Invicta

Arjan de Koning, CEO & Co-Founder
Arjan founded Invicta in 2006 together with Mischa Westerman. Before Invicta he held several MT positions at Acxiom. He started his career at BPK as (data) consultant.

Mischa Westerman, Advisor & Co-Founder
Mischa is closely involved with Invicta as advisor. Mischa has extensive data driven marketing experience at both supplier and corporate side.

Peter Jurriaans, CTO & Partner
Peter is the creator of the design and development of Invenna®. He started his career at BPK, then Acxiom, where as a MT member he was responsible for CDI, data products and software development.

Pieter Hallewas, CCO
Pieter has over 15 years’ experience in data driven marketing. Previously he was a member of the board of directors at Wegener DM, Bisnode and Sizo.

Our company logo, the unicorn, symbolizes the discovery of hidden Insights. The unicorn is a mythical creature that was capable to observe from a different level, for example to find water that other animals (or people) could not. We have translated this ability freely to finding values, connections, causes and consequences in your data. That is our DNA.

Invenna®, our Customer Data Platform’s name is a combination of Invicta and Venn thus delivering the best combination of insights, action and automation!

We are proud of Invenna®

Invenna® has been developed by Invicta and is the Customer Data Platform for now and the future. Build using the most modern connected technology, intuitive and powerful. Our strong growth both in number of clients and users is proof of that. We would like to take you with us on a growth path and share our vision on Digital Transformation.

The success of our customers is always our nr. 1 priority. With a no nonsense, informal approach we work together for a magnificent result. That is who we are and what we want to achieve.