The Big Data Alliance aims to promote collaboration among the leading Dutch academic institutes and industry in Big Data and Data Analytics. Our main goals are to unlock and share knowledge, expertise and research and stimulate innovation and education in the field of Big Data. In addition, we want to be a guide for students in the emerging field of Data Science Education and finally we want to strengthen the connection between students and industry.

Aim and purpose of the Big Data Alliance

We believe that “Big Data & Business Analytics” parties in academia and in the industry could benefit more from each other. By bringing together people with knowledge in academics and industry on our platform, the Big Data Alliance facilitates mutually beneficial collaboration and progress in big data research and business.

Invicta & the Big Data Alliance

Invicta supplies a Customer Data Platform to a wide variety of organisations that have in common that they work with high volumes of data. Some of them are Robeco, VIVAT, the Red Cross and KWF Kankerbestrijding (Queen Wilhelmina Fund for combatting cancer). Connection online and offline data, analysing and modelling data and unlocking data for campaigns are always key activities.

Pieter Hallewas

Pieter Hallewas

CCO Invicta

The Big Data Alliance initiatives and objectives are a perfect match with Invicta’s daily activities. We perceive an inspiring and stimulating collaboration between companies, universities and colleges within the Big Data Alliance where today’s issues and tomorrow’s challenges are discussed and addressed. We are very happy to be able to contribute to that.

More information about the Big Data Alliance and Invicta can be found on the Big Data Alliance website.

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