As the SaaS market is rapidly growing, both national and international, we are happy to see that Invicta, with our solution Invenna, is now quoted amongst the largest “SaaS made in Holland” solutions in an extended overview of Peak Capital. Currently we are looking forward to report double digit growth, which is expected to continue in 2019.

In co-operation with our loyal and market leading customers, both in the profit as well as the non-profit sector (e.g. Robeco, TMG, Vivat, Reaal, Actiam, Zwitserleven, Nowgo, Euromaster, Cordaid, Red Cross, Alzheimer, KWF, Hartstichting and KRO-NCRV) we are continuously developing new features.


Recent development and releasing included AI features which enable users to seamlessly apply machine learning in marketing campaigns. Furthermore new connections with CRM, DMP, ESP and analytics vendors were established. A full R (analytics) integration has been accomplished and a further integration of tooling like Python and Knime is on the roadmap. Data visualization is improved significantly by adding R Shiny enabling our users to create any dashboard desirable, without the need to stick to any fixed format.

A full UX redesign is one of the main projects we are currently working on, which is aimed to be released in early 2019. Offering an even easier and more intuitive way of working to Invenna users.


Invenna is currently the largest and richest CDP (Customer Data Platform) available in The Netherlands, offering a fully marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database. By capturing data from all relevant sources it offers you a comprehensive 360° view on each customer, that is immediately available for analytics, data visualization, machine learning, predictive modelling, customer journeys and automated, omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Invenna is proven technology in a Best-of-Breed landscape, evidenced by the fact that it has been successfully in use for over 5 years by some of the largest organizations in The Netherlands.

SaaS solution

A continuous delivery of new features in mainly -but among other- areas of AI and Machine Learning ensures a State of the Art SaaS solution that competes with the world’s largest software enterprises but offering fast local support, services and superior expertise, as well as a highly competitive pricing.

We are looking forward to exciting times.